Breakfast with Fei Yuan and the Kids

This week we managed to catch up with Fei Yuan, head buyer & founder of Cloudo Kids. Spending a morning with her and the children in their countryside home was great fun. With Fei's main prority being the children, you can really see where the inspiration for starting Cloudo Kids came from. The kids always look great and with the main emphasis being on style and comfort, you can definitely see Fei's passion for logical and forward thinking design.

The family have breakfast together every single day and prepare the children for school. Mornings still rermain an important part of Fei's daily routine, a time to reflect, a time to enjoy and to start the day with a positive mind set.

"I find that having a good balance between work and social life is key. You must always make time for your loved ones, as they are the ones that inspire our business"  -  Fei Yuan