Review: How To Grow a Baby and Push it Out by Clemmie Hooper

We're very big fans of Clemmie Hooper at Cloudo Kids - blogger, Instagram-influencer and more importantly NHS midwife. She has recently released a book 'How To Grow a Baby and Push it Out' - a no-nonsense week-by-week guide to pregnancy and birth. After birthing four children herself (two of them being twins) and having witnessed possibly hundreds of births from being a midwife, we think she might know a fair bit about pushing out a baby.

The book is beautifully designed with incredible illustrations and colours, already unlike any other pregnancy book out there which rarely seems to have any fun element to it. It includes many useful tips such as must-haves for your hospital bag, useful nutrition tips and recipes as well as helpful step-by-step guides on exercises to integrate into your pregnancy like pilates and yoga.

A humorous yet fascinating aspect is how the beginning of each chapter is measured with an illustration of fruit or vegetable to show what stage your baby is at in the womb – such as a strawberry for 10 weeks, an artichoke for 18 weeks and a cauliflower for 25 weeks as well as accompanying phrases such as 'I got offered a seat on the bus this week so I must be really pregnant'.

Other illustrations throughout the book include useful diagrams of what's happening inside of you during different stages of your pregnancy and fun illustrations to accompany the text. There are also some lovely photographs of Clemmie herself and snippets of her life!

The book includes all the information you need to prepare yourself before pregnancy, right up until post-birth - all the questions you find asking yourself, the nitty gritty and what you should ask your midwife. The book is full of positivity and humour to help ease any pregnancy worries yet doesn't shy away from obstacles that you can naturally face such as breastfeeding, relationships after birth and baby positions yet tackles them appropriately and properly.

More importantly she really focuses on you and making the journey to motherhood as easy and comforting as it can be, she's all about cashmere comforts and not moving from your bed for at least one week before giving birth - all these tiny things that can make a massive difference to ones pregnancy especially mentally and emotionally. 

We think Clemmie Hooper has hit the nail on the head with a highly informative book yet with humour that had us laughing out loud - making it seem like a pregnancy know-it-all friend you can refer to again and again.

You can buy the book here and why not check out Clemmie's blog Gas And Air.

Happy reading! 

Cloudo Kids