New Designer: Sonia Rykiel

We have many new brands constantly arriving at Cloudo Kids and a new one for Spring/Summer 2017 that we are so excited about is the arrival of the iconic Sonia Rykiel Enfant!

Rykiel began creating clothes in the 1960s when she struggled to find clothes to wear during her pregnancy. She used an Italian clothing supplier to design and create a dress and sweater, which incorporated high cut arm hole and fitted to the body. The practical and modern style led to orders from her friends and the garment became known as the 'Poor Boy Sweater'. She started selling them from her husband's store and the 'Poor Boy Sweater' made the cover of French Elle magazine - which instantly brought her to fame. In 1965, her husband helped her create the Sonia Rykiel Company and in 1968 she opened her first boutique store.

Rykiel pioneered new and innovating ways of creating garments; she was the first designer to put seams on the outside of a garment, leave hems unfinished and use slogans on her sweaters and in 1972 she was dubbed 'Queen of Knits' by Womens Wear Daily. In October 2008, at a fashion show celebrating the brands 40th anniversary, tributes were paid to Rykiel - thirty fashion designers including Ralph Lauren, Jean Paul Gaultier and Giorgio Armani, showcased their visions of the 'Rykiel Woman'. She sadly died at her home in Paris on 25 August 2016, aged 86. President François Hollande called Rykiel "a pioneer". 


A freedom of spirit that lives life to the full, with joy and whimsy. She loves the adventure that comes of finding herself elsewhere, with new experiences and a fresh perspective on culture.

The Sonia Rykiel Enfant collection features all the elements that make it a classic Rykiel garment. Vibrant and fun designs, whilst not forgetting the signature striped pattern that showcases practicality and Parisian elegance. We hope you enjoy Sonia Rykiel as much as we do and click here to explore the Spring/Summer 2017 collection!

Lots of love, Cloudo Kids.