DIY Origami Easter Bookmark

We came across this great craft idea on via Pinterest and thought we would have a go for ourselves to show you, as it is the perfect Easter DIY activity for kids this half term! It involves origami too which is an exciting skill kids can learn and use again to create fun shapes by just folding paper. It is also a great way to encourage reading, as in the end this lovely project will have to find its place on the corner of a page inside a book!


You will need the following:
Origami paper (or regular paper cut into squares) - go for pastel colours for Easter theme!
White paper
Black marker

Fold the paper diagonally. Unfold.
Fold into a triangle (colored side on the outside). Grab hold of the top of the triangle (one sheet only) and fold it toward the bottom of the triangle.
Fold the left and right corner towards the bottom centre of the triangle. Crease and unfold.

Again grab the corner, this time folding it towards the top of the triangle. Crease well. Do the same with the other side.
Now tuck both tops inside the pocket.

You now have your corner bookmark!

Now to decorate this corner bookmark into a bunny!
Cut out ears, teeth and nose - then glue them onto the bookmark. 
Cut two white circles out for eyes and draw on the black pupils using marker pen.

And there we have it! We hope you enjoyed this corner bookmark craft and do let us know if you make it, by commenting below!

Happy Easter!

Love, Cloudo Kids x