Wolf and Rita

If you, like us, are fans of strong prints, stylish designs and high quality materials, Wolf & Rita is sure to become a firm favourite.  


Sisters Sonia and Claudia Rocha decided to combine their family background in shirt construction with their passion for quality, designing a brand dedicated to children's designer clothing.

Launching in 2012, the brand has gone from strength to strength ever since, with regular press features in kids clothing platforms and a number of prestigious awards under their belt. Looking back through some of their powerful collections, it is easy to see where this attention stems from. Wolf and Rita pride themselves in being born and raised in Portugal making sure that the finest fabrics are always locally sourced. The tags state each item is 100% made in Portugal; this is their proof of quality and their support to the local community. You can rest assured that each item is as good for your child as it is for the planet.



Each Wolf and Rita collection showcases kids designer clothes as creative and uplifting works of art. This AW17 collection is no different…



‘No More Boring Art’



Art is a mirror of everything that happens in the world, but it can also change our outlook on the world. We live in fast-changing and troubled times, so innocence, hope and dreams are treasures to revere and protect.



Taking joint inspiration from the work of artists John Baldessari, Eduardo Matos, and Shõji Ueda. This powerful campaign combines a range of archival photography with dots and smears of paint mixed together with the delicate sculptures of Eduardo de Matos. Thus creating the bold, fun and colourful prints of this AW17 collection.



We can't talk about this collection without mentioning the powerful and inspiring words that come with the campaign, the subtle and graceful remembrance of youth reminds us to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of our children’s imagination. 


"There is magic in growing up while trying to hold on to the innocence of childhood. Let’s celebrate being young and adventurous. To celebrate art is to celebrate life itself.” – WOLF & RITA