SS17 Trend Focus: Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket, originally known as the flight jacket, is a casual jacket initially created for military pilots. In World War I most airplanes did not have an enclosed cockpit, so pilots had to wear something that would keep them sufficiently warm. In September 1917, the U.S. Army established the Aviation Clothing Board and began distributing heavy duty leather flight jackets which featured wraparound collars, zip fastening, snug cuffs and waists. Some were even fringed and lined with fur for additional warmth.

The two most historical American flight jackets are the A-2 jacket and the G-1. The A-2 remains the most recognisable and sought-after flight jacket. The G-1, designed by the U.S. Navy, lasted until 1978 when U.S. Congress cancelled it due to its tremendous popular appeal, which was overwhelming the Navy’s supply system. Their popularity evolved into symbols of honour, adventure, and style. 

In the 1970s and 90s, flight jackets became popular with scooter boys and skinheads. A baseball style bomber jacket became popular in the 1980s - the style we are so familiar with today. Hollywood films like Top Gun boosted sales of the G-1 tremendously, making bomber jackets collectables and fashion items. In the early 2000s, the jacket was popular casual wear in hip-hop fashion and since 2010 flight jackets have had a resurgence in popularity within designer runway collections, celebrities and street style. Below are a few examples and variations of the bomber jacket from different designers for the SS17 shows.

This season, the bomber jacket is a strong staple for boys and girls in versions that favour heavy embellishment, lightweight fabrics, bold prints and patterns. A focus on back detail with large scale embroideries that range from desert cacti (Finger in the Nose), stylised florals (Stella McCartney Kids) and bold letter branding (Burberry). Finishing details such as the classic ribbed trims complete any bomber jacket and here at Cloudo Kids we have a beautiful array of them this season! Click each jacket below to go directly to the page on our website.

Which bomber jacket is your favourite?

Love, Cloudo Kids x